Bar Essay Graders – Because Every Answer Counts

Our service was founded by two attorneys who were frustrated by the amount of feedback offered by the leading bar preparation program on the essay portion of the California Bar Exam. our website was born out of the idea that without constant practice and proper feedback the difficulty of improving your score on the essay portion of the exam rises exponentially.  Thus, we put together a team of first time bar passers who’ve been rigorously trained in the arts of bar essay grading. Their intention is simple; provide a roadmap for you to pass the California Bar Exam on your first try by grading your essay exams and providing timely and helpful feedback on your essay exams.

Who grades my essays?

  • Our expert graders, each of whom are…
  • Practicing attorneys at major firms in Southern California.
  • First time passers of the California Bar Exam.
  • Recent examinees (3 years) who know what feedback you need to hear.
  • Graduates of a rigorous training process to ensure the accuracy of your scores and quality of your feedback.
  • Fully trained on the ins and outs of the entire grading process by hired consultants who were actual California Bar Examination graders.

Is the California Bar Exam really the toughest in the nation?

  • Yes. The California Bar Exam is the toughest professional examination in the nation and the statistics back it up.

How is our website any different than other bar preparation companies?

  • Relevant and timely feedback delivered with an actual grade for your essay answers.
  • You receive your feedback and grade in 48 hours or less rather than two weeks with the leading bar preparation company.
  • No classes to attend and you take the exams in the comfort of your home.
  • Actual past bar essays are used to prepare you.
  • Easy to use format. No guesswork or troublesome technology. Monthly TeleSeminar with the co-founder of our website for registered users on the different topic related to preparing for the California Bar Exam.

Is there a way for me to see what your grading process looks like?

  • Yes. Visit our Sample Essay section on the website. If you have more questions please EMAIL us.

I’ve already enrolled in the major bar preparation program. Why do I need to enroll with our website?

  • Most examinees who sat for the July 2007 and 2008 California Bar Exam enrolled in a general bar review course, however, with pass rates around 50% a general review course is clearly not enough. our website delivers a comprehensive, and easy to utilize set of services which simply aren’t provided with the major bar prep course. The major prep course offers only four graded essays with minimal feedback returned weeks after your answer is submitted. Studying for the toughest bar exam in the United States is challenging enough, why make it even more stressful and overwhelming with limited guidance and unnecessarily long periods of time for feedback?
  • With our website you’ll receive in-depth, relevant feedback and a graded answer in 48 hours or less. You will be in the position to quickly note where you need improvement and adjust your study strategy accordingly.

Is our service a general bar review course?

  • No. The our website program is intended to complement your bar exam preparation for the essay portion of the bar exam. Enrollees with our website are encouraged to sign up with a major bar preparation program.

How does the program work?

  • Enroll and receive a login Id and Password.
  • Receive immediate access to 78 actual past California Bar essay questions organized by subject area.
  • Chose an essay for which you would like to draft an answer.
  • Take the exam under timed conditions.
  • Submit the answer to our graders.
  • Receive a grade and feedback in less than 48 hours.
  • Your graded exam with feedback will remain posted to your account to review at your convenience.

How will enrolling with our website make me a better essay writer?

  • Our philosophy is that the more you practice and receive calculated feedback the better essay writer you will become. Also, though our website does not offer performance test grading, the feedback you receive will certainly improve your ability to organize complex sets of information in general. This is an essential and necessary skill when drafting performance test answers. Our program forces you to sit down, draft an essay answer and once you receive your graded exam, review where you need improvement. Based upon the feedback you receive you’ll be given an indication of which issues and rules you need to review. The simple process of repeatedly drafting answers and reviewing where you need improvement will cement the major concepts in your mind and ensure success on the important written portion of the bar exam.

When should I start writing practice essays?

  • As soon as possible! Most applicants wait too long to write practice essays and instead endlessly review the law and accompanying elements. Preparing this way is leaving way too much to chance on the most important exam you’ll take. Your ability to draft organized and cohesive essays is absolutely essential to your success on the California Bar Exam. There is no better way to master this skill than actually sitting down and drafting essay answers. Also, the process of drafting essays, missing issues and misstating law is one of the best ways to cement rules in your mind because you’ll remember the mistakes you’ve made and correct the mistakes BEFORE your exam date.
  • Certainly memorization is important, however, actually writing exams will make you more proficient at taking essays. This will help you learn the law by analyzing what you did well and where you need the work. Remember, the essay portion of the California Bar doesn’t test how well you memorized the law but how well you can write an essay in an organized and coherent manner.

I’ve failed my first bar exam attempt. How should I prepare for my next examination?

  • It’s been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and expecting new and improved results. Don’t let this happen to you. Whether you’ve failed the California Bar Exam once or multiple times you need to adjust the way you prepare for your next exam. our website is especially calculated to prepare individuals who have failed the bar by providing individualized feedback. our website can simply and effectively point out exactly WHERE you’re going wrong. The last thing you should do is sit through the major bar preparation program classes a second or third time. our website recommends a healthy dose of practice essays and practice MBE’s for examinees who need more than one sitting to pass the California Bar.

Is our website right for me?

  • our website provides the expert guidance, support and insight that stacks the odds in your favor. Why jeopardize the start of your career by leaving the outcome of the most important test of your educational life to chance? If you take your career as serious as we take our own, our website is the single best choice to augment your California Bar Exam preparation. Get started today.

What is “Failed Exam Review”?

  • The Failed Exam Review is a new product at our website. This package is only for students who failed their most recent bar examination. Upon your purchase of this package, you will be contacted by one of our attorney instructors who will request the essays which you received back from the Bar Examiners. Then, within one week from receipt, you will be provided with a full analysis of your writing style along with steps you should take to improve your essay scores on the next bar exam. This product also includes a one (1) hour conference call with an attorney instructor where your failed exam analysis will be discussed and explained.